Why are playground markings important for children?

School playground markings are a really fun, and colourful, way to make learning a little more exciting for children. While the markings focus on play and interaction there is usually an educational element, whether it involves numbers, the alphabet or a compass.

Being able to stimulate children during break times allows them to come back to the classroom refreshed and ready for their classes. It can help to build friendships and teach children how to play together and socialise.

Playground markings are also great for encouraging children to be active and work as a team. They really do promote meaningful play.

Did you know that statistically there are less playground injuries on playgrounds with markings? It’s estimated that about 40,000 accidents a year on playgrounds result in a trip to A&E. 

Having a carefully planned playground and zoning greatly reduces the risk of injury or accident.

Made out of thermoplastic paint these markings can last for years before they need to be refreshed. The markings we provide fall into six categories – games, education, fitness, courts, road and animals. There are many different types of markings in each category and you really are spoilt for choice! Find out more about playground markings and the range on offer here.