Which are the most popular playground markings?

If you’re looking to have playground markings brighten up an outdoor space in a school or community centre there are a lot of different designs to choose from. In fact it can be a little daunting – there are so many options!

It’s important to consider the size of the space you have to fill and the types of markings you’d like; fun and interactive, educational, fitness and games are all popular options.

The age range of the children using the markings is also key as there are playground markings aimed at different key stage ages. Incorporating a mix of markings to suit different age ranges encourages all children to enjoy them together. The games and education range of markings are by far the most popular as they are bright and highly interactive. They really do encourage children to play together.

Hopscotch and Snakes and Ladders remain two of the most popular markings for playgrounds from the games range, as well as the mazes. Easily recognisable and simple to use children can play together on these interactive markings.

Number grids and alphabet markings are two of the most popular from the education range, along with clocks and compasses.

Adventure trails in the fitness range can be set out in a number of different ways making them highly versatile, while animals can help fill the gaps between other playground markings.

Some schools ask the children to vote for the markings they would like to use in the playground while others have them, laid during school holidays, making it a wonderful surprise for the children when they return for a new term.

We are always happy to offer our advice and expertise when it comes to your playground and the markings. We can easily adapt designs to suit you, the space available and can work to set budgets. View the full range of playground markings here.