What is Futsal?

We have been asked to mark out several Futsal courts for clients. As a lot of our work falls within the sports industry we assumed that everyone knows about the game of Futsal. It seems not. So we thought we would shed some light on it and try to encourage people to get involved (particularly as most school halls can accommodate the game).

The main points about Futsal are:

    •    Futsal is like 5 a-side football played indoors on a hard surface, wood or vinyl usually, but any flat non abrasive floor covering is ok.

    •    The pitch is between 25-42 m in lengthx 16-25m in width (38-42 m and 20-25 m for internationals)

    •    There are delimited lines (walls and rebound boards are not used).

    •    The game consists of two 30 minutes halves with a 15min break.

    •    Two teams each have 5 players including the goalkeeper.

    •    The maximum number of players is 12. Subs can be used unlimited & whenever.


Futsal is a very fast and skillful game as team-mates have to be more supporting to keep the ball in play. The players have far more contact with the ball than football, no waiting around for the ball to be passed; a fast pace because of a 4 second rule. No hanging around!

Futsal is played with a smaller ball, size 4, with less bounce that helps younger children especially, to learn good control and technique due to limited space & tight turning in corners & touchlines.

Futsal also encourages fair play; punishing physical contact as well as demanding respect for officials and players alike.

This is only a very brief over-view of the game but you can find much more information here.