Sports stadiums and their need for high quality and professional line markings

Sports arenas and stadiums have a number of needs for high quality line markings. These needs include accurate sports markings for their playing surface, as well as markings to help visitors safely navigate their way around the stadium’s car park and grounds. 

Sports Line Marking

It is vital that the sports line markings at a stadium are accurate, as this is the main attraction! The competitive nature of the sports taking place at a stadium means that any line marking errors could result in costly corrective work, unfair competition or uncertifiable records. This inaccuracy could also lead to a negative reputation being formed around the stadium, resulting in loss of business and therefore further loss in income – this is why it pays you to be accurate with your markings.

Health and Safety Line Marking

Stadiums also require accurate and durable line markings to aid with visitor navigation and Health and Safety.

Line markings can be used to mark out clear walkways and arrows for visitors to follow, whilst helping to prevent them walking into hazardous areas. They can also be used to mark out the hazardous areas and ‘No Entry’ zones, helping the stadium to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Colourful line markings can then be used to mark out the blocks, rows and seat numbers, further helping with visitor navigation and making finding their seat an easy task.

Car Park Line Marking

The final need that stadiums have for line markings lies within their car park. When an event is taking place, a stadium car park will hold thousands of vehicles, which is why it is important that the line markings within the car park make the most of the space, whilst catering to the needs of every visitor. Hatched areas enable people with disabilities to safely get in and out of their vehicle, motorcycle car park markings enable visitors with motorcycles to securely park their vehicle without taking up an entire car space and walkways enable pedestrians to walk safely across the car park, without being obstructed.