Road Safety Week 2020

Every November road safety charity Brake holds a national campaign called Road Safety Week. The aim is to raise awareness of the number of deaths and accidents that occur on our roads every year, and what can be done to reduce the number. The theme for the 2020 campaign is No Need to Speed. 

Between 16th – 22nd November Brake is asking everyone to get involved and spread the word about the campaign. If you are a school or a business you can sign up for free on their website and access free materials. There are also resources for teachers and activities for children.

Did you know that someone is injured every 4 minutes on a UK road, and speed plays a part in every incident? Wherever you are going speed matters to your safety and the safety of others. The higher the speed, the longer the stopping distance, the harder the crash and the greater the risk of death and injury. Every time we are on the road we need to be aware of the speed limits in place and the speed at which we are travelling.

To find out more about the campaign and how you can show your support and access free resources visit