Protect your playground markings this winter

Colder weather is on it’s way and it’s at this time of year we look at how we can recommend to keep playgrounds as safe as possible for children. As the temperature drops and frost and ice make an appearance surfaces become slippery and unsafe. Playground marking have anti-slip properties added to them when they are installed as standard but the tarmac or concrete surrounding them will need some extra attention.

If there are gaps in the tarmac this can cause surface erosion as water freezes when it expands, causing damage to weakened areas of tarmac. It’s important to take some time before the weather turns to assess the surface and make any necessary repairs.

Thermoplastic markings are designed to last for years through all weather conditions, but it’s important to take care of them. Our top tips are:

  • Keep them clean – clear fallen leaves and mud off with a soft broom or brush
  • Don’t use any chemicals to clean them as this can affect them and may cause them to lift
  • Use plastic shovels to clear snow rather than metal which could damage the markings
  • Salt and grit can be used on playground markings when you know it’s going to be snowy or icy

As with anything a bit of maintenance is key for longevity and the more playground markings are looked after the longer they will stay looking as good as new. If you think your playground could do with a refresh or some new markings get in touch with your requirements and we can start taking bookings for spring 2021. Get in touch by emailing