Markings during winter

As we draw closer to the end of the year and the temperature drops, it becomes harder to mark playgrounds and outside sports courts due to the levels of moisture. On surfaces such as Astroturf, especially ones that have sand underneath, you need at least 3 dry days before you can mark the surface. At this time of year when overnight temperatures can reach freezing it’s just not possible to mark the surfaces and be confident that they will last as long as if they were marked during the warmer months.

For this reason we now only mark outdoor sports courts and playgrounds between April – October, weather dependant as always. If the weather will allow us to extend by a few weeks we will do, but generally speaking the spring and summer months will always be the best ones to do the outdoor work in. 

School holidays are always the most popular dates, especially for playground designs, as you don’t have to negotiate children and their breaks around the work being completed. We keep these dates free for any sports and playground work that is required, but please bear in mind that these dates book extremely fast, so if you’re after a date during Easter, half term or the summer holidays it’s best to get booked in as soon as possible. 

We have a whole range of playground marking designs you can choose from on our website. These come in preformed thermoplastic which are adhered to the playground. Sports markings are generally laid using specialist paint, depending on the surface and if the markings are for indoor or outdoor courts. 

If you’ve been thinking it’s time to refresh your markings or you’ve resurfaced and need new markings get in touch to get your 2021 dates booked in. Head over to the Contact page to submit your enquiry or email