Looking after sports markings during winter

With the colder months approaching is your school ready to take your PE lessons indoors? 

The common winter weather of rain, frost and snow will soon be forcing your PE lessons indoors, so you need to ensure your sports hall and indoor sports markings are of a good quality and ready for intense use over the winter.

If your indoor sports markings are looking tired and in need of some TLC, you could benefit from our remarking services. We can visit your school during the upcoming October half term to give your indoor sports markings a refresh, or we could carry it out during school hours. Our team of expert line markers can carry out the work quickly, using quick-setting products, causing minimal disruption to the school day.

Have you considered having a MUGA (multi-use games area)? MUGA is a term used for an enclosed indoor or outdoor sports area, which has multiple line markings for multiple sports within the same space. These different sports can include football, netball, tennis and basketball and they are marked out using different coloured line markings so that students can easily distinguish which markings are for which sports.

Through having a MUGA installed in your sports hall ready for the winter months, you can still provide your students with a wide variety of sports when the weather forces your PE lessons indoors.

While you’re not using your outdoor markings as much during the colder months they still require some maintenance. Before the winter weather hits put down a moss and weed killer on the outdoor sports courts, leave this for 3-4 weeks and then lightly pressure wash the court. When the weather starts to get better repeat the process so that your sports courts are ready for use.