Is your school playground in need of a new lick of paint, or an entire redesign of your playground

Playground markings have several benefits for a school’s students and we offer a range of playground markings, including educational markings.  

Educational markings help to encourage children to put the skills they have learnt within the classroom into practice and they also help to show a child that learning isn’t just something for inside the classroom. 

Other educational markings that we offer include miniature roads and crossings, that can be used to help educate children on road safety and enables them to continually practice road safety, within the safety of the school playground. 

As well as educational playground markings, we can also mark out traditional games on a school playground, to encourage children to play with one another and build their social skills, whilst helping them to release their energy during break time, so when they return to class, they are calmer and ready to focus. 

If your school feels you could benefit from the playground marking service we have to offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can redesign your playground, remove pre-existing markings or mark out a completely new playground, no matter the type of surface you have.  

We have a whole range of playground markings to suit all playground sizes. Take a look and find out more about our playground markings here: