How to look after your playground markings

Playground markings are bright, colourful, fun and educational ways for children to play and interact with each other. If they’re looked after right they can last for years. To ensure your playground markings look their best there are a few things you can do.

Thermoplastic playground markings last significantly longer than painted playground markings; they stand up against different weather conditions and they really smarten up outdoor space. To keep them looking as good as new it’s important to make sure they are kept clear of dirt and debris; a quick sweep once a week and a good hosing down once a month will really help prevent the build-up of surface contaminants that can damage the surface. Jet washing is not advised as it could rip the markings from the surface due to the pressure.

Try to ensure vehicles don’t drive over your playground markings as this can cause the thermoplastic markings to come away from the surface, or could chip the edges, leaving them weaker or vulnerable.

Make sure the children are playing with them as they are intended, and that they don’t try to damage the surface (or each other!)

Inspect the playground markings regularly to check they are in good condition. 

These simple tricks will help keep your playground look like the bright and inviting environment you want it to be. If it’s time to refresh your playground get in touch here.