Does your school have a Multi Use Game Area (MUGA)?

Having worked with a large number of schools, we know that a common issue many schools face is limited space for sports activities – a MUGA is the ideal solution.

PE lessons within schools provide students with the opportunity to keep fit and release the energy they have built up from being sat working in a classroom. They also create the opportunity for students to work as part of a team and build their social skills. However, due to issues relating to space and budget, schools are often limited in the type of sports that they can offer to students.

Multi Use Game Areas (MUGAs) serve as the perfect solution to both limited space and a limited budget for schools.

A MUGA is a term used for an enclosed indoor or outdoor sports area, that has multiple line markings for multiple sports within the same space. These different sports can include football, netball, tennis and basketball and they are marked out using different coloured line markings so that students can easily distinguish which markings are for which sport.

MUGAs are perfect for schools who do not have the space available or budget to mark out individual courts for each sport, as they still allow that school to offer their students a wide range of sporting activities.

We have marked out many MUGAs so we can ensure that your MUGA will be marked out with accuracy and by an expert line marking team.

If your school does not have a MUGA, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more information or to book a consultation. Or if your school already has a MUGA marked out, but feel it is in need of a new lick of paint, we can mark over the top of the current line markings, to give your MUGA a new lease of life.